Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marvelous Missionaries

Tonight I had the opportunity to watch a missionary tell 4-5 year olds about what she does in South Africa as a missionary. Joanna Graham and her husband are missionaries to South Africa, where they run a sort of adoption home for the many orphans that have been left due to disease. The beauty of what they do was spelled out in super elementary terms so that my AWANA cubbies could understand. 

What they do is take 6 orphans and pair them with a granny. The granny is a woman who has raised her children and has no other obligations. These women volunteer to raise these six children. The missionaries help build the house that they will live in and help provide for basic needs, while the granny loves the children, takes care of them and ultimately shares Jesus with them. It's beautiful! 

I loved watching the eyes of the children light up as Joanna shared about the children, South Africa, animals and words in the native tongue. I loved watching Joanna's face light up she talked lovingly of those grannies and the sweet children. The sweet love she has for them is unmistakably Jesus. 

You can learn more about the Graham's ministry here ....go there now!

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