Saturday, February 26, 2011

Staying on Mission

Tonight basically starts an 8 day fest of feasting with missionaries during our missions conference. There will be eating out, potlucks, and large quantity cooking, which usually means pastas or potatoes, right? I'm looking forward to the fellowship....but the food has me a little nervous.

So, I need to make a plan....and stick to it. Here goes...

1. Drink only water....and drink a large glass before the meals.

2. Exercise daily for one hour. This will burn approximately 500 calories...which is the equivalent of my breakfast and most of my lunch on a normal day. So, if I watch portions and bulk up on the salad and veggies I should be OK...meaning I won't gain. (I am taking my own Salad Dressing!)

3. 1 spoonful of dessert. I know....I could tell you I am NOT going to eat dessert...but who am I kiddin'. Instead....I am just going to eat one small serving one time a day. I'm talking tablespoon size.

4. Stop eating when I am full. And....yes, that might even mean before dessert!!!

5. Read my Bible every day.

6. If I feel like this isn't working after day one, then I will bring my own meal and eat it there.

So there's the plan to staying on mission. I'm excited for this challenge because this is the real world and I need to face these food challenges head on. In the real world it's me who has to monitor portion control and caloric intake. It's not all measured out for me with the calorie count on a nutritional information label right next to the pan of lasagna. I've got to be the one to have lots of self-control....or maybe, I should say GOD control.

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Keelie said...

This kind of thing is obviously going to happen a lot in the "real world," as you say, and your plan sounds like a practical, "real world" solution. The more I am focused on God's grace the less I am focused on the food. Being surrounded by people who have commmitted their lives in an extraordinary way to be the hands and feet of Jesus should provide just the focus you need to succeed! What a feeling of accomplishment and blessing you will have at the end... You are sowing seeds that will produce a harvest of righteousness!