Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sabbath Rest

Life is busy...yours, mine...everyone's. Recently I had a few days off in a row and realized how energized and clear headed I was after taking those days off. Then it came...that strangely quiet conviction that comes over you when you gently realize that maybe you haven't been doing something right. Yes, I've been living a life with no Sabbath for quite a while. Shame on me...and I am serious!

What on earth convinced me that working 7 days straight for many months could produce anything but fatigue, discouragement and pride? When did I begin to know better than God? When did I discover that my body didn't need some downtime? What a joke!

After those few days off, I began to realize that my goals could all be accomplished in a much shorter time if I took time to stop, rest, worship and rejuvenate. WOW! What a difference the past two weeks have made. Since Sunday's are a little crazy in our house, I've chosen to enjoy a little time on Saturday's to rest. That coupled with Sunday worship and the fellowship of having others in our home really has made an amazing difference to my overall life.

God never intended us to fill our lives so full that we wouldn't have the time to take care of ourselves, worship, fellowship, relax, enjoy downtime...He set the example by taking the 7th day to rest....did He need it? NO! But the reflection of His love for us is evident by Him acknowledging that WE need it. He wants us to take care of this temple. He wants us to slow down and enjoy the things He has created. He wants us to embrace worship with all our hearts.

I'd love to hear how you spend your day of rest. Comment below and share your thoughts.


Irma said...

Very true...God knows we need a day of rest! It's just so hard to find some rest and peace in this fast-paced world.
I try to make Sundays my day of rest. I'm usually gone all morning (church) and evening (Bible study), but those are still relaxing times when I don't have to worry about Gabriel or the house, and can spend time with God. And on Sunday afternoons I like to take it easy and maybe even take a nap - forget about those dishes!

Kathy said...

It's tough to find that day of rest. On the days when I'm not homeschooling I am often getting ready for the weekend service. Many times we'll take a Monday, or I try to really secure Saturdays for more down time. Sunday afternoons like Irma, I attempt a nap! I try to make sure there's time in the week with no extra meetings scheduled. Like you Gina, we love to have people over, and sometimes the rest comes from us just enjoying a quiet meal as a family. Blessings, and have a great day tomorrow!