Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a busy few days. My mom came back to my house after spending a few days with her sister in Arlington. They had a great time together. We met up at the Cheesecake Factory on Sunday night for dinner and enjoyed a quick visit and a yummy meal.

Monday Mom and I spent the entire day out shopping. I've lived in my current house alomost 2 1/2 years and have spent next to nothing making it our own. I think it's looked ok but, Monday we went and I spent some time, money and a great deal of thought and consideration finding items that I think will help make our home more comfortable and decorative. I bought lamps, pictures, pottery, floral arrangements and a rug. All for $300. I am super-thrilled! This has been a long time coming! Today we have worked in my foyer, living and dining areas and they look so beautiful! Very inviting and comfortable for our guests and my family to enjoy.

I'm thankful for this special time we have had with mom. She is such a godly, loving lady. I have been blessed in my life to be her daughter. I have wonderful memories of my childhood with her and it motivates me to be a better mother because she was mine. She's a great grandmother too!

Tonight I went to Ladies Bible Study at our church. There were 17 ladies present. We are studying the book of Esther. It was awesome. God's Word comes alive when you study an entire book of the Bible at one time. Tinna did a great job leading the discussion and the interactive questions. It's a wonderful mystery to me the way God chose to speak to Isreal. I wonder if He is trying to get our attendtion in the world, and if we, like Isreal need a little wake-up call spiritually speaking. I loved the fact we had visitors and first time participants. It's going to be a great study.

Bruce's birthday is on Wednesday. I think we will probably do something. He's wanting some new clothes so I guess we will all contribute to the cause!

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Irma said...

Ooooooh...a whole day of shopping...sounds like fun!

We are starting the book of Esther at our Ladies Bible Study group next month. I can't wait! It will be my first Beth Moore Bible study :-)