Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayer Answered!

Two big news events happened this weekend (ok...honestly....maybe not BIG news for you...but certainly for me!)

1. My brother and sister in law are pregnant! YAY! this is a long time coming and we are so happy about this bundle of joy that will be entering the world near the end of September.

2. Mission Gunter was given a free lease of 9 city lots to plant a community garden on. of us!!!! Can I tell you I am so excited about this?

God always answers our prayers. There have been many prayers that I prayed that He has said "wait", some that He has said "no" and a others that He has said "yes" to. These are two examples of God orchestrating a YES!

Excitement is in the air. My family will welcome new life into the world. There's little that can compare with that.

My mission family will have their needs met by receiving nutritious, fresh veggies from our community garden this summer.

I'm overwhelmed by the goodness of God. His perfect timing is always on time.

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Kathy said...

Gina, I'm thrilled to hear about your free lots. Has it occurred to you that it is 2009? (9 lots!!!!) Maybe that was there intent, but I find it awesome. Only God could have done that! The favor you all have in your community says it all. Congratulations to the new Mom and Dad. I've always said that Motherhood begins in the heart, so she's a Mommy, just waiting to hold her beloved child. Hug them for all of us!