Monday, January 26, 2009

Potty Training ...or Not my little Tucker-man turned 3 in December. We've been putting off the inevitable. Potty Training. I mean important is it? Well for a multitude of reasons we haven't really pushed the whole ordeal....and it is one. You see I work...from home...30 hours a week. I am a publicist assistant to a great friend and fellow pastor's wife who thinks I have a thread of creativity and can write a smidge. I also homeschool the little t-man's sister who is in the first grade.

So we aren't just sitting around twiddling our thumbs, looking for something to do (who is?). So, on Friday (Bruce's day off) you'll understand why I nearly choked Bruce when he told Tucker that we would start serious potty training on Monday (a day Bruce would be at work all day, mind you). So all weekend Tucker has been warned, with each changing diaper, this is coming to an end.

Flip the calendar to today...and here's the scenerio. I have to beg...convince...bribe Tucker to put on his "CARS" big boy underwear. The whole time he is yelling..."I DON'T WANT TO BE A BIG BOY"...Then I tell him...Tucker you already are a big boy and big boy's don't wear diapers....and he tells me "Yes they do" ...and then promptly goes and brings me the last package of size 5 diapers that we bought. And what is on the front....a "big boy" wearing a diaper. Thanks LUV's.

So, after he peed on the upholstered chair in the living room...then threw the underwear in the toilet and then fished them out and brought them to me dripping wet on the floor. The MOM in this house has declared that FRIDAY (Bruce's day off) is going to be the official start date for potty training. End of story!

Any tips....suggestions...comments....I'm listening!


Keelie said...

Well, don't try the technique of removing all below the waist clothing unless you have either disposed of the pull-ups or at least hid them well. I tried this with Jonah on Sunday thinking he would surely go to the pot when the urge hit. But actually-- he just went (sneaked off) and put a pull up on himself when he needed to poop. He also "helps me" by emptying his own dirty--and I do mean DIRTY--underwear into the toilet without my knowledge. Who cares if a little gets on the mat?The floor? Not a problem...
Good luck. Let me know when you figure it out and I'll pay to come to my house.

Irma said...

Oh boy...sounds like fun...NOT! Good for you for starting on Bruce's day off ;-)
We have a potty for Gabriel and he loves to sit on it, he just doesn't get that he's supposed to do something on it! Oh well, no rush, I think diapers are much more convenient anyway, especially on the road! ;-)
Good luck with Tucker!