Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Been One of Those Weeks....'s been one of those..the week was filled with extreme highs and lows and I am just glad to put it to bed! I'm leaving to go get my hair cut and colored...that'll make me feel better for sure. I've waited way too long to get do this...roots are 2 inches showing making a very attractive multicolor display showing on my head...I do believe each, blonde, dark brown, dare I say...grey...are all looking back at me in the mirror! So I am going to take care of them! Red and yellow, black and white...they are not all precious in my sight!

Seems like haircuts all around for the fam today. Tuck and Bruce and scheduled for later this afternoon. Savannah will just she is try to grow her hair out like Miranda Crosgrove.

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Irma said...

Yay for hair color! I dye my own hair though since it's much cheaper.
Don't feel bad about the grey hair...I have some too and I'm only 31! Yikes! Luckily no one knows...well I guess until now ;-)