Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mission News

Tonight is our quarterly board meeting for The Mission Gunter. is our website if you want to check it out. Anyway, we are getting ready for a big appreciation dessert gathering next week, where we will share our plans for the new year. It's an exciting time for the Mission Gunter. We will also be welcoming a new board member to our team and for that, I am so greatful. Slowly the weight of this ministry is becoming evenly distributed amongst our board. It's a beautiful thing when you realize you don't have to go alone...other people catch the vision....something good is happening!

In our study of Nehemiah at church, I think that is how he must have felt. Willing to go alone, yes, but happy that God provided an outstanding team of people to work alongside him, even better! Naysayers, yes, but confident that the God who called him would be faithful to complete the good work, yes. When we started this ministry 1.5 years ago, I thought everyone I knew would be ready to jump on the band wagon. How sadly mistaken I was. There have been naysayers, there have been points of discouragement and their have been mountain top experiences. Thankfully God's been there for it all.

So, tonight we meet. Most people dread board meetings. Not me. I love them, they excite me, motivate me and fill me with hope. Hope that one small dose of love and care in our community will open doors for us to share Christ's love with those who live next door, across the street or down the road.

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