Friday, January 2, 2009


2 large black trash bags are sitting on my front porch. That's the truest sign that I cleaned out closets today at my house! I started in the laundry room...although it's not a closet it sure resembles one sometimes! Stacks of clothing on the dryer...hangup clothes on the get the picture. Well....your attention's spotless!!!!....but hold your applause because although I manage to clean out my kid's closets....and Bruce managed to clean out his...I didn't make it to my own. And boy, does it need it. But progress was made...and I am thankful and happy!

Cleaning closets is a lot like my spiritual life sometimes. I can go 90 to nothing most days and fill each minute with "important" things. Yet, the closet of my heart gets cluttered. There are dust bunnies under the shelves, cobwebs in the corners and an occasional dead bug (is that TMI?) Yet, it doesn't have to be this way. I know if I will daily take the time to tidy up my heart that my spiritual life is more managable. If I make time to dust the cobwebs away (sin) and sweep up the pride, jealousy, and other disgusting human worldly tendencies (repentance) and kick Satan to the curb (dead bugs) God is glorified. Just like my heart will never be perfect...but it's a goal that I want to work harder towards. That high live above the level of live for something bigger than myself. That can only happen if I am keeping my closet (heart) clean.

So, tomorrow when I get up...I'll be cleaning my closet...both of them.


Kathy said...

Congratulations!!! I listed a small project for each day this week, and I have to hoo, still yet to do. Brother, when does it give? This week we got caught up in Homeschooling, so that was time consuming just getting back into the groove...yeh, that! That's got to be the reason those projects didn't happen. One happens to be clean out the pantry. Looking worse than a closet at this point. Grace and Peace, and Happy New Year!

Irma said...

What, closets are supposed to be cleaned out?!?!?!

I agree with you though, we fill up our hearts and lives with 'clutter' and there's not much room left for God. I'm currently reading 'No Other Gods' by Kelly Minter and trying to weed out some of these 'other gods' in my life. It's very hard to do though!

Good luck cleaning out your closet...both of them! ;-)

Kathy said...

Irma, I think I would like to read that book. It sounds like a "must!

By the way, I almost wish I would've taken a "before" and "after" pic of my fridge that ....yes I got cleaned of my projects OFF my list! However, that might have placed this comment in the TMI category! :)

Married with Children..... said...

I was just thinking about this same subject for a blog while at church today. Maybe it is because I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, my office, and the kids rooms, and my room. Still have the attic, garage, and the utility room left.......but it was progress. But after the GOD OF THIS CITY intro.......I am WOWED! I knew what was coming too! But it sure opened my heart to be ready..........for what and how, I will be praying over!
Happy Sunday! Love ya!