Friday, January 30, 2009

Good "Friends"

A couple of years ago, we moved to the town we live in. It was a hard move for me...emotionally speaking. I was so worried how Savannah would do with the move that it never crossed my mind that I might have trouble with it. I pretty much was suspicious of anyone who tried to be my best friend and held people at arms length to keep myself "safe". About a year and a half ago I bluntly expressed this at a small group meeting with church folks saying "I am a good friend to others, but I really don't need friends" can imagine their faces as they heard this from their pastor's wife!

Well....I confess, God has done a work on my heart and has truly become the friend of the wounded heart. During my "no friends" time, I actually was able to receive some emotional healing time with the Great Physician. I don't know what I would do without my friends now! One of them just called from Dollar General (the only store in town) and asked if I needed anything! That's a friend. Another has been begging to bring dinner (I've been sick)...That's a friend. Another wants to have a girl's night out...That's a friend...and another is moving here from SE Texas to be near me (she keeps telling me it's for work and for my kids..who she adores...but I know it's really me!) That's a friend. I'm blessed....and now I have my new bloggy who will read all my random thoughts...has to be a friend.


Irma said...

I'm glad God has changed your mind about friends! They are a wonderful thing to have! My husband is going through a "no friends" time but I'm hoping God will change his mind.
I love having friends, when I moved to TX I didn't know anyone here and when I finally found a really good (real-life) friend, she moved away! But I've found new friends in my new church and it's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Gina, your thoughts are awesome & it's a blessing to read them! If that makes me a friend...than I count that a blessing also!

Thank you!