Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

Today is the day. American will swear in our first African American President. Barak Obama. Whether I voted for him or not really doesn't matter. He is our president. He needs our prayers. It's funny...not really I guess...that I've heard so many Christians say "More than ever, Christians need to be praying" "God help us". I disagree. I think if Christians had been praying all along, our country would look different. Christians should have been praying like every day...no, every moment in our history was as important as this one. The condition of our country didn't just happen yesterday. It's been on a slow decline for decades. Depressing yes...yet still we live in the greatest nation on earth.

Hope...that's been a theme of Obama's campaign. Unfortunately it's not really something he can offer to America. Our only hope is Christ. His presence in our country is the only thing that can really make a difference in America. His righteousness shining in every decision made. His compassion showing as people all across this country unite together to take care of the poor and needy. His justice making decisions in our courts.

So, I will pray. I will pray that Godly leaders are placed around our president. I will pray that the foundations of our country will echo loudly through the walls of our Senate, Congress and White House. I will pray for Michelle Obama that she will concentrate on making her home a safe haven for her husband and children.

I'm hopeful today....not because we have a new president, but because I know who my God is. I know who leads my house. I know that however the next 4 years go, God is still in control. Doing what He does best.


Keelie said...

your post is serious...my comment is not. Jonah calls our new president "Broken" Obama.

Kathy said...

Gina, I underscore so much of what you said in this post. God is our only hope, and we must know that. I also agree, if we'd been praying all along our country would be in a different place. Honestly, I don't feel like our heart is broken for the things that break the Lord's heart. Even my own heart....I know I need the Lord to break it further. I hope that makes sense.