Monday, January 9, 2012

Shipping and Handling

I've shipped my fair share of packages over the years. Having lived over 800 miles away from Georgia and all my family for over 20 years now has taught me a lot about how to prepare something for shipping. You can't take it for granted that our wonderful postal service will handle your precious box carefully. You also can never be quite certain that it will arrive in quite the same way you shipped it. You must carefully and purposefully wrap things in bubble wrap, tissue paper or those Styrofoam packing peanuts. You also have to be sure your packaged is address properly, has the right amount of postage paid and is taped in all the right places. Once you say goodbye to your package, well, you just have to have faith that the UPS will do their best to get your package from point A to point B. You have to trust a government agency with something important to you.

The Christian life is a lot like the shipping and handling process. Once we begin a relationship with Christ, we begin this incredibly unpredictable journey with the Savior. He gives us the tools...the packing peanuts, the bubble wrap, the tissue paper...the Bible, the Holy guide us and teach us how to arrive at the end of life .... but if we don't wrap ourselves in the cushion of His protection, we end up with unnecessary bruising, scarring and even broken pieces. His guidelines are there for a reason. It's not just a suggestion when He says "don't" or "a wise man/or woman will..." He wants to guide us....each step of the way.

Does this mean we won't get knocked around or beat up a little in the process? Certainly not...His Word also guarantees us that we live in a troubled-filled world that will impact us...but the comfort and security of knowing He has us wrapped in His love and grace is a beautiful privilege of knowing the Savior. And sometimes...all that knocking around during the shipping and handling process changes you....your life might not turn out exactly how you had things planned...but one thing is for sure...God doesn't make mistakes. No matter what you're feeling....KNOW that when you trust Him with your destiny, with your hopes, dreams and plans, He has a way of making something beautiful happen. Maybe not today...or tomorrow...but in His perfect time.

Revelation 21:5 - Behold, I am making all things new.

Ecclesiastes 3:11- He has made everything beautiful in His time.

So don't get discouraged if you don't feel like you've arrived yet....or if you feel a little worse for the ware on this journey. He's not done...He has something beautiful planned. Relax. Wait. Study His Word and find out how precious you are to Him. the process...that's what will make you truly beautiful. 

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Jamie said...

Thank you for this post Gina! It feels like this is a down time for me and this is just what I needed.