Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yep...that's about it. The tree is still up...and right now there's no real plan to take it down. There was a plan last weekend, but that fell through. I actually love my tree and the glow and the coziness. I am not too lazy to take it down. I just like it. Now that it's the end of January well... now I'm rethinking my dream of a year round tree.

And don't be horrified distracted by the blue paint swatches. You'll be relieved to know the den will not look like a smurf, or a hospital or a nursing home or the sky. I was hoping for a nice grey blue color ..but all these look too polyester 70's tuxedo I am looking for a green I like now. Whew...glad we got that out in the open. 

Anyway...I hope we can still be friends now that you know my secret.


F. Deaton said...

I feel really self-conscious about my beachy blue living room now!! :$

F. Deaton said...
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Gina said...

Oh Felicia...I've seen your blue...and it's relaxing. Those blues on my wall...not so much!