Monday, January 2, 2012

Close to Heaven

It was 3:40pm on Sunday afternoon and our phone rang. A sweet elderly man on the brink of heaven is on the other end of the line. His family is huddled around him. They've released him. They know heaven is just a few breaths away. Yet, this man...just steps from the valley of the shadow of death wants to talk to Bruce. It's been 5 years since they've sat and talked. 5 years since they've shared a coke in his den. 5 years since Bruce was his pastor.

And what I hear from another room...the sweet prayer of a friend for a friend who is on the doorstep of the kingdom of heaven...what may only be moments from being in the presence of our Lord....the sweet prayer of a friend for his friend...although older and in many ways probably wiser...this special unforgettable friendship. What an honor for one to pray the other into eternity. Whether it is moments or hours or days...only the heavenly father knows. What we do know is this man will walk with Jesus soon. His life speaks volumes of the type of man he is. His death will speak that same wonderful story.

To pray for someone that close to heaven seems a privilege. To know that person finds peace knowing that you are interceding on their behalf...Certainly it is nothing of Bruce's doing that will get this gentleman into heaven any differently than every other person on the planet. It's all grace. God's grace. It's a comfort to everyone to know our friend has received that grace. The saving kind.

Have you experienced that kind of grace?

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Kathy said...

Wow, what an amazing moment that must've been for Bruce! Thank you for sharing this powerful story.