Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Days

I'm spending today...the last day of Christmas break....in my jammies, watching movies with the kids. Given my obsession with Christmas movies, I'm pretty sure I could do this for a month solid and not be finished...but unfortunately time has run out and I'll be back in the classroom tomorrow morning bright and early. This last day is bittersweet. I love this time with my kids and Bruce. I feel like I'm such a better wife and mom when I'm off from school. I cook more, keep things more orderly, take more time with the kids. I'm more patient, less uptight about schedules and bedtimes. I'm more me.

Something will happen at 6:05 in the morning when the alarm goes off. The last day will be behind me...the new day ahead of me. I'll ready myself physically and spiritually for the new day and I'll put my best foot forward to retain some of the "last day Gina" for my family and for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love routine, the steady everyday rhythm of our lives. I love waking up on Sunday's and knowing we will be in church together and knowing that Monday's is Bruce's day off every week. I love knowing that God is watching over us and protecting us and guiding us and loving us. I love those dependable qualities about my God and my life. So tomorrow as I stroll back into my routine I am going to aim to be more concentrated on the beautiful moments that Wednesday holds, looking for opportunities to embrace the me of the last days, all the while, searching for meaning in the ordinary and working hard not to fall into the trap of the mundane. I'll count my gifts and live a more grateful life for today. And maybe along the way merge a little of today...the last day...into everyday.

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