Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Embracing Imperfections

I love old windows and doors. I have many window frames used for decorative purposes scattered throughout my home. On pinterest I've seen even more creative uses for them and I secretly am wondering where I can find different shapes and sizes than the ones I have now. Please don't tell Bruce.

All these windows have many imperfections. One doesn't even have any glass in it. One has chicken wire instead of glass and another has a huge crack in the glass. The thing is, it doesn't bother me. I've embraced the character and age of the piece. I think it looks good and adds some personality to our halls.

I think of myself as a woman of imperfection. When I look in the mirror I see freckles and small eyes and a slightly crooked smile. I see pounds that need shedding and skin that needs moisturizing and dark circles under the eyes. I see wide feet, short fingers and a weirdly placed birthmark. But as I was reminded of recently, God is far more concerned about my inward appearance than anything that people can actually see. Remember how he passed over all shepherd boy David's brothers to pick him. Remember how he used Rahab the harlot, remember how the executioner Saul was transformed into the soul-winning Paul.

It's no surprise that God uses imperfect, but inwardly beautiful people to be instruments He uses to draw people to Himself. I'm guessing, but I bet there's no one reading this blog that thinks they've arrived here perfect. We all know there's work to be done on the inside and out. It's the constant battle between flesh and heart and reality. Truth is, while I want things to look better on the outside, I'm not nearly as excited to put the work in that accomplishes that. And spiritually speaking, I know many of the things it will take to grow and become more beautiful on the inside, but really, am I willing to do the work?

Understanding that embracing imperfections doesn't mean I am settling for a less than beautiful life. It means I accept certain aspects of who I am because I can't change them. My wide feet aren't going anywhere...and I'm pretty certain I'm not getting rid of my birthmark. While spiritually speaking I can wholeheartedly say my salvation isn't going anywhere...and who I am in Christ isn't either. Yet, there are plenty of other things that could be spruced up, fixed, updated or remodeled. And still there will be imperfections...lots of embrace and to remember....God is the transformer, the remodeler, the one who makes everything....everything, beautiful in His time.

Do you sometimes get bogged down with your imperfections? What helps get you refocused?

Here's what I'm learning to do:

1. Trust the truth of God's Word
2. Remind myself that He made me in His image
3. Control what you can and ditch all other guilt
4. Be and willing to what God asks of you
5. Work hard but pray harder

Wanna add anything else to the list? Leave me a comment!

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Keelie said...

that we can always begin again....His mercies are new every day

Great post!