Friday, January 13, 2012

Little Known Facts...

Last night at our mom's meeting at church we played a little game....List 3 little known facts about you that you think no one knows...

Here's what I listed:

1. Played high school basketball.
2. I have never worn a baseball cap (you should have heard the gasps!)
3. I broke my arm 2 times playing volleyball

Eventually someone guessed my name and the game went on to the next person. It was a fun "get to know you" game and I actually learned some pretty interesting things about some of the ladies that were in attendance.

I'm thankful God knows about every detail....from my broken bones to my next meal to the things that are too painful to even say out loud. As much as I love blogging and try to be transparent, there are a host of things that never get talked about here. Some things were just meant for my conversations with the Lord. I'm glad he doesn't have to guess which one of His children are bringing their requests to Him. He's completely aware of our needs before we approach Him...and He knows our thoughts without us uttering them.

Is there something too personal to share with a friend, something you think is a little known fact about your life....something your concerned about, ashamed of, maybe you're feeling alone or unloved? Take your burdens to Jesus....He already knows about them anyway...with Him, there are no little known facts.

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