Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What not to do in the garden....

It's probably a good idea to follow the directions on weed killer spray....I'm talking about following them all the way to the end.

Several weeks ago I sprayed an area in my garden for weeds, thinking at the time that the space wouldn't be used. But then, because I can't pass up a sale on plants, I ended up planting in that area 6 days later. Thing is...the side of the bottle says....wait 7-10 days before planting in the treated area.

There's a reason for this. Evidently they've tested this. You know...they are the experts.

The reason: it's still killing stuff. If you plant something too soon....it's gonna die....cause the treatment is still treating!

I know you probably can't imagine how I could have missed this...but alas.....2 dead tomato plants later I have learned that following directions doesn't end in school. Luckily because of the great sale on plants I have 34 more tomato plants doing just fine!

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