Friday, May 7, 2010

Mom Guilt....

The four year old, Tucker, decided to try his hand at some mom know the kind that happens when you're in the middle of walmart and they want something and you say "no" and then they proceed to react in whatever way embarrasses you the most (am I the only one this happens to?). Anyway here's the scenario recently with Tucker.

Tucker was waking up one morning and did his customary holler at me or Bruce. For some reason he likes to be greeted while he is still waking up. So I casually glance into his room to say good morning. I'm happy, smiley and upbeat. He says "get me some apple juice". I wait. He hasn't used the magic word yet, so I lean against the door frame and wait. He repeats himself...louder this time. I say, "Tucker you aren't asking nicely, you're not using your manners."

He says in his loud exasperated voice...."Mom, you're tearing this family apart, really you are."

Long pause...and stifled laughter slipping out of my mouth. I am cracking up on the inside....Where has he heard this? Where did it come from?

I say, " I'm tearing this family apart because....?"

He says..."You won't get me my apple juice."

I continue to wait....finally the word I had been waiting for.....PLEASE....then the sweet hugs and kisses that usually start out our morning....then lots of laughter over me tearing our family apart....He is one funny kid!

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Kathy said...

Wow. That's a keeper, Gina. Great story & one you'll humorously never forget. That Tucker! : ) That's so adorable.