Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Moms

I was thinking today of all of the girls who we have had through our youth ministries over the last 16 years and how that so many of them became mommies over the last year. I'm showcasing two special mommies here today: was my first daughter by heart. We met when she was in middle school and now she is a pastor's wife and mommy of Sam. God used her in my life more than she could ever help fill barren arms....funny how the year she went off to college was the year I got pregnant with Savannah. God knows what He's doing. On a side note...Elizabeth's sister, Melissa (also a sweetie) is expecting her first baby later this year.

Lacey... if you told Lacey that she would get pregnant during her first year of marriage, I am sure she would have laughed in your face.....but that's what happened! Lacey is a youth pastor's wife and mommy who blogs over at . She's a missions-minded momma...and I personally can't wait to see how God directs her family in the future.

These girls led dedicated lives for the Lord long before they married. One of my favorite memories was a small Bible Study I had with 6 or so teens. They came faithfully, studied and lived out what they learned. Striving...yes! We enjoyed many years of youth camp together, retreats, late night talks and lots of prayers, tears and laughter.

Elizabeth and Lacey are excellent examples of young women who are raising kids with knees to the earth. Praying and seeking God's guidance each step of the way. You can tell by the way they blog of their struggles, their victories, their hearts and their families. I'm so proud of them and what sweet mommies they are....I just wish we all lived closer so we could get together for a play date!

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Elizabeth said...

I just read this last night and cried. I've learned so much about being a lady, pastor's wife, and mommy from you...and still do! I love you!