Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Saw A Man With Holes in His Shoes

A few weeks ago I was sitting at church and noticed the man in front of me had a gaping hole in the side of his boots. His white sock was sticking out showing obvious contrast to the black boot. I quietly got Bruce's attention and as I sat there for the entire service my mind was on the shoes.

Some thoughts that flooded my mind were:

1. I wonder what size shoe he wears?
2. I wonder if he would be insulted if he was given money to purchase new boots?
3. I wonder if the boots Bruce has in his closet will fit him?
4. How much do new boots cost?

So I sat there...contemplating my options. Wondering what God would want us to do. Surely, God wouldn't allow me to see a need like this and then not move to do SOMETHING about it. How many times am I guilty of that?! I don't even want to think about it.

The purpose of this post isn't to draw attention to what my family did...but to draw attention to PAYING attention and listening to God's voice when He gets your attention regarding someone in need. I am SO guilty of seeing something or someone that needs help and thinking...I don't have the money to do something, but how many times is money not the issue....some people just need a moment of your time, an encouraging word....eye contact,  a pat on the back of a listening ear. I want to pay better attention! I want to see and do. Because if I don't, someone else will....someone else will get the blessings of paying attention, someone else will get the blessing of knowing this person, someone else will be used by God to meet an emotional, spiritual or physical need. Someone else will get to share Jesus....I want to be a part of that....I want to be the one....I want to be used.

Don't you?

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