Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Gaggle of Girlfriends

I am one of those girls that has struggled over the years with friendships. Being in the ministry and close friendships often don't mix and after a few failed relationships with other women, I had just about decided that it would be better if I was just a "nice" person who cultivate many surface relationships. If you've been hurt or have caused hurt in a relationship you probably get what I am saying. If you haven't, please don't judge me.

So, when we moved back to Bruce's hometown almost a year ago, I was not prepared for the onslaught of friendly women. At first I resisted, feeling quite overwhelmed but also believing...this will pass, it's just the newness of the move, nobody...especially other women could possibly be this open to another gal stepping into their friendship circles.

It started with a Bible study with women of many different decades. It continued with invitations of hospitality into each other's homes, if was followed by church activities, game nights and GNO's, then there were Sunday School Christmas parties and children's birthday parties and homeschool fieldtrips. And now, I find myself on any given day surrounded by a gaggle of girlfriends who I love being with, talking, laughing, crying, sharing and struggling.

Each girlfriend represents and bring something different to the table....a role model, a mother, a working gal, a teacher, church staff wife,  but each of my 10's of friends share common elements. Kind, giving, listening, helping, praying, encouraging, loving. All a girl like me has to do is put out a quick SOS and I know someone will be there. While some may have one special friend. I feel blessed to love and be loved by so many. I'm thankful that God has done a work in my heart to hopefully make me a better friend to someone who needs that encourager, cheerleader, prayer partner, laugh til it hurts friend.

I'd love to hear what it is that you value in friendships with other women. Leave a comment!

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F. Deaton said...

I just now saw this post-what's up with that! Great post, and how funny it is that I have a similar post written and saved in my drafts in my wordpress account! So thankful for you and for my other wonderful girlfriends!