Saturday, May 8, 2010

Favorite Mom Moments

In honor of Mother's Day I'd like to list my top mommy-moments (so far):

1. The birth of both my kids.....incredibly different since one was full term and one was at 27 weeks...but they both rank right up there as a couple of the most beautiful moments in my life.

2. Savannah's first smile

3. Tucker's first round of stitches...and then second round 10 days later!

4. The fact that Tucker (4yo) still wants to "snuggle up" first thing in the morning

5. Homeschooling Savannah (7yo) and watching her eyes light up when something finally clicks

6. Watching my kids learn about Jesus

7. The first time Savannah worked at The Mission helping to sort food for the needy.

8. Tucker's first hair cut....a buzz cut....he was only 20 days old. (His hair was about 5 inches long and sticking straight up before the haircut!

9. Bedtime prayers

10. In the kitchen cooking with the may be much messier....but some great memories have been made with us around a bowl of cookie and bread dough!

What are some of your Most Memorable Mommy Moments? Share please!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Sam begin to laugh when he makes up laugh. Or when he snuggles up next to me (few and far between since this crawling business started)