Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stand in the Gap

The unknown can be scary. You remember don't you? When you were smaller and you would run and jump into your bed, not just because it was fun, but because you didn't want the boogie man to grab your ankles? ---okay...maybe that was just me, but you get the picture. More recently my big scaredy cat moments have been financial issues, health concerns for my mother in law and my cousin, a young person who I have come to love who wandered from the Lord, a suspicious spot on my get the picture. Not knowing what's going to happen, who will be affected and how it is all going to pan out can get us all worked up. Yet as a Christian, I am abundantly blessed to be learning about the glory of walking in HIS (Christ Jesus') presence.

Walking with Christ does not mean the way will not be uneventful. Every person in the Bible who had any sort of walk with God had a story. It is part of the reason we find such a connection with them...Job, Moses, Paul, Peter. We connect with them, we identify, we raise our hand and say "I've felt that way...I've walked that road". The great thing about these characters is that right or wrong, their stories make it easier for us. We see their faithfulness, or not, and learn valuable lessons about the character of our Lord. His faithfulness, His holiness, His Constancy. We learn that walking with Him doesn't mean life will be boring...instead we are given lots of different exercises to prove our faith, to rest in Him, and practice His presence.

My friend KAT is entering a season of unknown in her own life. Her husband has been laid off. What I love about KAT is that she's immediately turned to her spiritual family and sent out a prayer SOS. She knows about the presence of God. Read about her story here. Leave her a comment and let her know you'll be praying...and then do it. In this family it's a blessing to get to share in the burden bearing.

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