Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holding on...

Tomorrow I am scheduled to have a garage sale. I opened my big mouth and set the date....and invited friends to join me so now I HAVE to do it. Funny thing is that I could really care less about selling anything...I really just enjoy hanging out with my friends. But as I was scanning the closets for things outgrown, worn out or rarely used I came across a few things that I thought twice about giving up. The sweet dress, the old toy, the unread book, the old purse....sometimes you just want to hang on to things even though you know you will never use them again.

I've recently found myself in the same spot spiritually. I've hung on to some misfit bad attitudes. words and even actions that I don't need to ever pick back up again. Some people wouldn't find any offense to them, but I know they don't belong in the life of someone who is striving to live holy. They belong in the discard pile....never to be part of my life again. No matter how comfortable, broken in or easy they are, there really isn't room for them in my new house. Spiritually speaking I got everything new when I accepted Christ. Why in the world would I hang on to the old?

So, I'm letting go. Discarding. Purging. And I will have to do it again tomorrow...and the next day, because this house doesn't stay clean on it's own. It takes the precious forgiveness and cleansing from the Savior to spruce me up. Thankfully...His mercies are new every morning....great is His faithfulness.

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