Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Trip to the Garden

These are pictures from The Mission's community garden (aka THE MISSION FIELD). Thanks to Justin Ferguson for all his work this weekend! - and thanks to the Lord for the good rain this morning! It's lookin' good!


Kathy said...

The garden looks great, Gina. I think you're a pretty decent photographer, if I'm not mistaken as every photo I see of yours looks like you know what to do with a camera. : ) I love those talents.

Hey, is that a new background on your blog? I love the color scheme, and it's....simply beautiful! Blessings on your day and the week...and the transitions!

Married with Children..... said...

I promise Todd and I will be there sometime in the following week. Are we responsible for all peppers or just a section?

Gina Stinson said...


No worries about the garden...I have watered, fertilized and have put some DE on them (keeps the bugs away). Justin used the tiller last weekend and took care of most of the weeds.

Enjoy your vacation and please do not worry about the garden! It'll be here when you get back:)