Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home Improvement

Since we put our house up for sale, we have been making some small home improvements (read the last post and you'll see how "we" have done it). This weekend we have been laying ceramic tile in our kitchen and hall bath...and even though it isn't completely finished you can tell a huge difference.

This morning as I admired the work TJ and Bruce had done, God brought to mind the spiritual applications that are involved in all these improvements.

1. Before we could lay the new tile, the old flooring had to be ripped out. Some of the flooring came out easily, while other parts clung to the foundation like a screaming child to its mother. Those tough places were greeted with a razor blade and cut out. Not a pretty picture...but exactly what happens when we have sin in our lives. The old way must go in order for the finished project to be complete. It's a lifelong process and all believers are in the process of completion.

2. After the flooring is out, you have to scrape the floor for any residual glue or other adhesives. We used rasor blade scrapers and before you knew it the house was getting a nice glaze of dust over it! It's amazing what the eyes can't see. The glue was hardly noticeable, yet, according to our expert tile layer, would cause problems if we didn't take care of it now. How like sin in our own lives. Those sins we don't think anyone notices..they are there. They are invisible to the naked eye, but in the quietness of night, or the solitude of a moment, you and the master contractor know they are there. The removal process is tedious, yet necessary. The dust may settle and there may be a mess to clean, but in the end, the project is one step closer to completion.

3. Mapping out the floor is next. I peaked in on the guys and they were busy measuring out the floor. This ensured the tile would be laid straight and evenly. God's word is the map for our lives. No matter how we try to eyeball daily living on our own...his map is the only way we will get it right.

4. Then the tile cutting began. Careful measurements were taken for each tile. The slightest error could mean a redo....and there were several redos! It took precision and patience to get it right. In our own lives we get impatient when things we are trying to do get delayed, don't turn out like we expected them to or have to be redone. However, we are human and these things happen to us all. Take the time for redos- otherwise the project will not be done correctly and in the end be a poor imitation of a job well done.

That's where we are in the process. More work continues today after church. I will let you know how it goes! Meanwhile, join me as I strive to let the master contractor do the work He needs to in my life, no matter how painful, tedious or difficult it is.

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