Sunday, May 17, 2009

God Showed Up

Confessional: For three Sundays in a row I have not been in church. There, I've said it. I know. For 15 years I have been a pastor's wife, and now that I am not...I've dropped out of church....NOT!!!! Two weeks ago, I was at my moms, then last Sunday we were traveling back from TN and today I had to pick my kids up in Sulphur Springs...and because of everything else going on...had to do it this morning. I know, and I feel bad. Don't worry, I will be back in church next Sunday.

Since I wasn't in church I started my trip to Sulphur Springs with Kari Jobe. I sang along loudly and I am sure that I was a spectacle to all those who passed by. Then I called my mom, we shared some prayer requests, then picked my kids up and decided we would have our own worship service on the way home (I have always wanted to be the this was my chance!)

I told the kids that since we hadn't gone to church today we were going to have our own worship service in the car. I asked them to tell me something they were thankful for and for the next 15 minutes or so we listed scores of things we had to be thankful for. Here are a few of the most memorable:

1. Indoor potty and outdoor potty (as in port-a-potty)

2. Savannah said she was thankful for MY in-laws

3. Dad's new job

4. Adam and Eve

5. Shelter (yes this was the exact word used)

6. Music

7. Fruits and Vegetables

8. Jesus dying on the cross

9. God sending us Jesus on the first Christmas

10. Burger King

There were more, but I guess I was just mesmerized that for 15 or so minutes, without me saying too much, they went back and forth listing the things they were thankful for. Sometimes they were goofy, but most of the time they were right on track.

In that car, on the way home. God met with us. I know because He loves to hear His children's praise. That's what was going on in a mini-van from Farmersville to McKinney on Hwy 380 at 11:30ish today...God was meeting with us. -And for a morning that felt a little awkward to not be in church, it turned out to be ever so good praising and raising with my little ones.

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Elizabeth said...

"Dad's new job???" Where is God leading you guys to next? Can't wait to find out.