Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blog Searching

Today I have indulged myself in cyberspace. After a busy week....and an even busier week to come, Bruce boldly suggested (before he walked out the door to go to Casting Crowns without me!) that I take the day off (Nice of him considering- no, I'm not bitter). Anyway, after browsing some of my blogger friends sites, I decided to do a little blog searching for some topics that interest me. So I went to Google Blog Search and entered the following words...

Farmhouse Decorating
Shabby Chic Decorating
Country Living
Primitive Decorating
Buying Homemade
Simple Living
Vintage Decorating
Community Gardening
Children's Photography
And hours later, I came up for air! It was so much fun. The results were a smorgasboard to amazing people (women mostly) who are using their creative abilities to enhance their environments....home, yard, church, school and more. It was awesome! Sure, I could have been doing about a thousand other things, but in the midst of all the serious stuff going on, it was sure nice to escape to a different highly creative and decoratively beautiful.

I suggest you try it sometime. Just type in your favorite hobby or interest and explore the world! I've got lots of ideas to try and the creative juices are now flowing. I'm sure you'll be seeing some of the results!

Happy searching!

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Kathy said...

My favorite blog search-curriculum posts from homeschooling Moms! Air is good!