Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too Close for Comfort?

As I write I am sitting in an overstuffed chair...and I mean that in every sense of the word! Tucker is sitting as close as he can to hip bone might give way any moment. I tried to move him but he insisted that he needs to be close to me.

My kids are both very touchy-feely children. They like to be held, hugged, kissed and to hold hands. Most days I appreciate these qualities..I know they won't last forever so I want to embrace them in every way! However, there are other days when I am pursuing a deadline for work or have some household task that is breathing down my neck, when I get a little frustrated. I have my own idea about how the day should go and their clinginess or need for attention distracts me from getting what I "think" I need to do, done. I end up getting irritated by their needs, frustrated that I can't work at my own pace and a little overwhelmed. Wow...sounds like I also get a little distracted about the "main thing".

I'm learning that there's not too much more important in life than providing a secure home for these two luv bugs God has given Bruce and me. Their relationship is much like mine with God. When I am close to Him, His presence provides such peace, security and comfort. It's warm and cozy near God. It's a presence I don't want to stray from-just like my kids are when they are snuggled up next to me.

But- sometimes I think other things are more important than that personal close relationship with God. I get turned around with life...a house for sale, a new job for Bruce, homeschooling the kids, working my job (none of which are bad in and of themselves). I start doing things my own way, taking things into my own hands, thinking my agenda is more important that remaining in His presence- and then I have the audacity to wonder...where did God go? Why don't I have that secure feeling? Well- DUH- it's because I stepped away and took things into my own hands!!!

Isn't this a life-long lesson we are all learning? I know I need to do a better job staying in the overstuffed chair and snuggling up close to the Savior. Spending that time with Him, practicing his presence and pursuing His character is what helps all those other life-assignments go smoother- cleaning house, taking care of kids, mowing the grass, marriage and jobs all seem better when I have spent time in the secure arms of the Savior.

And gratefully, those arms don't leave me after I get busy during the day...they guide me.

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