Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Need a Clone!

I knew it was coming. I figured it would be weeks away, when I had much time to prepare and ready myself, and my house. But last week the call came. While I was in Atlanta. Someone wants to see the house.

So, now I have been home a few days and am looking around at all that needs to be done and have decided I need a clone. This is the list of things the clone would be in charge of:

1. Cleaning out fridge and freezer

2. Wiping down baseboards

3. Cleaning bathrooms

4. Cleaning the bird poo off the back porch (have I told you how mad I am at birds?)

5. Pulling a few weeds in the flowerbed...and if the yard guy doesn't get here..she will need to mow too.

I will take care of other chores...I would never just sit and watch her. Here's what I will take care of:

1. Browsing through old magazines to see which ones I want to ditch.

2. Put finishing touches on the staging that has begun

3. Baking appeal to the senses of course

4. Set the DVR to record all the shows I like, but will miss due to all this cleaning

5. Vacuum (I have wood floors- 3 rugs)

I say all this in jest...but boy wouldn't it be nice to have a clone to call in for weeks like this one!

Truly I am thankful someone is coming to our house to see if it's a fit. Please say a prayer that if this is the place for them, they will know it.

See ya....I've got cleaning to do ya'll!

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your brother said...

Um, yard guy??? His name is Bruce, and I can give you his telephone number and address if you'd like.