Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ghosts of Girlsfriends Past- Review

If you love Matthew McConaughey as much as I do...this review is going to hurt you. I have been a fan for years....not sure which movie it was that hooked me...but by the time The Wedding Planner was out...I was a fan. So this week when Keelie -aka Red Writing- suggested a Girl's Night Out, we made plans to see Matt's latest movie.

After a delicious meal at MiCocina in Plano, we headed over to Stonebriar to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. We arrived in plenty of time to get top row seats and chatted away until the movie started. And then it did.... before I write this review...please know that as an adult, I know what naked people look like, I have heard curse words and I am pretty familiar (unfortunately) with much of the world's "slang". I am not naive. I am not some wacked out Christian who can't handle it when the world throws a few of these things my way. I have sat through movies and live conversations that have left me wondering if I shouldn't have walked away...and tonight might have been another one of those occasions...except I did walk away this time.

The movie started with scantily clad women in less than appropriate positions and talking in less than lady-like language about less than appropriate topics. Here comes Mr. Matthew....touching and caressing his photography subjects in a way that any number of them would have been able to file a sexual harassment lawsuit if it were real life! He continues his inappropriate behavior for about 15 which Keelie and I had had enough and we exited. I am sure those who sat through the entire movie might beg to differ with me, but I was terrible disappointed to have wasted money on such a sickening movie.

My main gripes with the movie:

1. I am tired of sex being portrayed in such a careless way.
2. I am tired of women being desperate to be loved by men.
3. I am tired of the "sex sells" mentality
4. I am tired of innuendos that scream "sleep with me" even if it is a movie.
...there are more...

So, I guess you could say we gave the movie two thumbs DOWN! Sorely disappointed, we licked our wounds and used the only ointment that truly remedy's such disappointment...SHOPPING. We still had a wonderful time without the movie....and one of us walked away with some great stuff from Marshall's (not mentioning names, to protect the innocent).

I'm glad we walked out. It's not that I think less of people who sat through it. For me, it's that I had an opportunity to do what was right for me...and I obeyed the still voice and walked away.


JhaRee said...

What a succinct and responsible way to present your choice. I appreciate you for sharing with us your decision and the reasoning behind it. As a woman who has also worked in the 'real world' with people whose vocabulary and conversation subjects are not particularly tasteful, I can appreciate your position and decision.
Thanks for sharing so some of us can be spared the same experience.

Kathy said...

A great review-of a great decision to walk on out! And of course the remedy, shopping at Marshalls! : ) Way to go, girls.