Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Search

Well, it's started. The search for a new church...and to be honest...this is harder than I thought it would be! Being in full-time ministry for the last 15 years has brought with it the luxury of NEVER having to look for a church...the church was always the one we were attending. In fact, for all practical purposes it's been over 13 years since Bruce and I sat together in a church service...because he's been the one preaching!!!

It was sort of cool when Bruce resigned at GBF and the church members asked if we would still attend until our house sold. That would certainly be the easy thing to do, but not necessarily the best thing for us or the church. We love that body of believers but they need to be able to move forward without the old pastor and family hanging out!

So, today we went to Church of Celebration located in Paloma Creek Elementary School. Savannah liked the cool fun money you earn in Celebration City. Tucker didn't cry when he went to his class and Bruce and I managed to make it through a service sitting next to each other!!! The pastor is in a series called PG Required- (Parental Guidance Required) and we loaded up on Biblical parenting tips.

The worship leader was Kris Allen's brother....well..not really...but he sure did look like him...and even sounded like him. We sang a song I hadn't heard before called "Who is the King". It was a little weird sitting with the congregation...but something I am sure I will get used to.

After the service, we grabbed a bite to eat with the pastor and his family (friends of Bruce's) and enjoyed some great fellowship at Villa Mexicano. Yum!

On a humorous note, on the way home today, we were asking the kids to tell us what they learned in their classes. They told us and then I told them what we had learned in our class..."We aren't spanking you enough". You should have heard the nervous laughter that rose from the back seat.....too funny!!!

We do ask for your prayers as we seek where God wants us during this time of transition. We truly desire to know the mind of Christ.


Kathy said...

We'll sure pray, Gina. Thanks for the update!

Red Writing said...

Glad it went well...also glad you found the colored text app--whohoo!