Friday, April 22, 2011

Willing to Pay the Price

No one forced Him. Not even God. No one manipulated the circumstances to trick Him. He knew. No one pulled the wool over His eyes. He saw everything that was coming. His death did not sneak up on Him. He was aware of every small detail His Father had planned. The supper, the feet washing, the prayer in the garden, the kiss of betrayal, the rooster crowing, the crowds chanting, the nine tails of a beating, the spit, the vinegar, the spear, the nails, the dice, the everything....every last detail. He was willing to endure every last detail to make all the promises that had ever been made true about Him, His death and His resurrection complete.

He didn't suffer less because he was God in man. He didn't feel less, endure less or go through less because he was a super man. He didn't have an out of body experience. He felt every sting, every jolt, every stripe, every ugly word, every betrayal, every sin....mine and yours.

That's what overwhelms me today....on Good Friday. His sacrifice was more than I can even imagine. His death more powerful and promising than His birth...because it was another promise...however unpleasant....that shouted from heaven to earth that GOD always keeps His promises....His Love had come and now hung, willingly dying, for the sins...all the sins...of the world.

Thank you for the made all the difference for me....for the world!

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