Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dumb...and Dumber

Sheep are the dumbest animals alive. I'm not 100% sure this has been proven scientifically but all you have to do is watch HERE HERE HERE to be persuaded.

It's no joke that God, in His Word, likens us to sheep. We aren't always the smartest when it comes to life, love and logic.  In fact...if I was completely honest there are times that I am just flat out dumb. In my Sunday School class Sunday we were talking about the importance of God's Word being our #1 source for EVERYTHING...emphasis on EVERY. In my own life I've watched myself put confidence in others and have been so sadly disappointed when they failed me. I've also watched people put their trust in me...and well, I am a sad example of perfection, so of course, they were disappointed. God's Word will never fail me or anyone else....after all it is GOD's WORDs given to us....it is HIM. He is the Word...John 1 tells us. So why in the world would I go to some dumb sheep before I go to HIM about anything.

In fact, I think there are MANY times when I wouldn't need to talk to another human being about a matter if I would just get in the WORD and find what I need there. We depend a lot on friends....especially as women, and well, just bluntly put....we're emotional, we're opinionated...sometimes we're wrong...and well....we're sheep. The Bible talks about burdening a weaker brother or sister in Christ with your own baggage may in fact cause that person to stumble. WOW....am I completely guilty there. Suffice it to say...my heart, my feelings, my opinions are better off in the hands of the Lord than anywhere else. These are lessons I pray this sheep can grow to master. His Word is the only best place for my soul to find what it needs. Get smart...and get in it.

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