Friday, April 1, 2011

Things I'll Miss

As I was cleaning the house a little today I almost got frustrated with some of the clutter that seems to appear on a daily basis. Then I remembered how quickly the years are flying by and that actually these things that might frustrate me now, will be some of the very things that I miss the most. My list looks a little something like this:

I'll miss...

1. Matchbox cars lined up on the edge of the bathtub where Tuck has lined them up to dry off after a splash in the bath with him.

2. Savannah's many markers and other writing utensils that I find in every nook and cranny in the house. What a creative little chick she is becoming.

3. Fighting over the computer with my kids. They both love investigating and surfing....almost as much as me!

4. Laundry....every last piece. As I was doing the mountain of laundry this week I was thinking about how much my kids have grown this year alone. Jeans I bought Tucker at the beginning of the school year barely fit him now....and I wonder have I done what I could to help him grow in the love and admonition of His heavenly Father too.

5. Happy Meal toys....or the like. My feet are like magnets to these little things! On the floor at midnight seems to be the most likely place my feet me them!

These are just a few of the things I was thinking about today as I worked around the house. Those moments that sometimes frustrate me the most turned into a little time of reflection and nostalgia when I remembered how far God's brought this little foursome of mine. He's been so faithful and good. These things I'll miss will grow and grow as the kids do, but hopefully we will be embracing each of those seconds with love and care...being careful not to miss them and the opportunities each one brings.

How 'bout you? Anything you'll miss?


Cara said...

This might sound crazy, but I already miss getting up in the middle of the night to nurse my babies. It was such a spiritual thing for me, to be alone noursihing my baby in the middle of the night. I had a new mom's devotional that I would read when I got up to nurse.

Jaime said...

I'll miss all the chatter and rambling about everything and nothing at all. I know that all too soon I won't be "cool" any more and I'll beg and pray for them to talk to me! Trying to treasure the randomness they bring to the conversations before it's too late!

F. Deaton said...

So many things.....will miss how small they are and how they like to sit in my lap and I always have to sing them "just one more" song before bedtime....the way they so sweetly sing worship songs to the Lord....I could go on and on....

Brent and Miriam Williams said...

I'll miss being the audience for every idea, skit, invention, poem and/or song they make up. I will miss being the coolest woman in their lives. Thanks a lot Gina, for making me cry! : )