Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pics and Wrap Up

I took a little challenge this Easter to focus more on what Holy Week really means. I learned so much from reading the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection slowly and deliberately. It made me question why I had found such a need to read large portions of scripture at a fast pace ( the entire Bible in a short amount of time). I found so many truths staring me in the face as I read short portions and meditated on them. Truthfully, tears stained my face daily as I read of the great perfect love the Father God has for us and the beautiful, unselfish sacrifice that He made for humanity by giving us His son. It was a wake-up call for a more intentional personal sacrifice in my own life. I'm not sure what that is going to look like...but I'm very excited to find out!

One of the most meaningful (to me) things that I did was at school. On Maundy Thursday I washed the feet of the children in my class as a demonstration of what Christ did for the disciples. You can't imagine the myriad of questions and comments that can come from 8 four and five year olds. In those 20 minutes, as the water washed over their feet we talked about how dirty those sandal wearing feet of the disciples must have been, how gross and cracked and dry. We talked about how perfect Jesus was and how it didn't seem right for Him to be doing the washing....why didn't the disciples wash His feet? We talked about the meaning of humility and devotion and servanthood and kindness and meekness and about doing for those who don't deserve it. It was a beautiful time of worship and will by far be the best...the most precious memory I have with my class for this year. I think perhaps I learned more from it than anyone.

Our family didn't do anything too extravagant on Easter, lunch and then a small Easter egg hunt with the TX grandparents and then one of the most beautiful times of communion I have had in a long time (not that it isn't always's me that gets in the way). Then a quick bite to eat with friends before the start of another busy week. 

How did you celebrate the resurrection? Did you do anything intentional so that your family would remember the real meaning? I'd love to hear about it!

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