Friday, April 15, 2011

Being Real

Do you like.....

powdered eggs
powdered milk
instant tea
fake flowers
fake friends


To be entirely honest, I don't like any of these...yet I have experienced each one and in some ways realize the reason for them. But, for most people, we like the real stuff....real butter, real eggs, whole milk, fresh brewed iced tea, a beautiful garden of fresh flowers and real die hard stick with you til the end love you enough to tell you the truth friends.

We like real. So what does that mean? According to Webster's online dictionary: 1: of or relating to fixed, permanent, or immovable things (as lands or tenements) 2a : not artificial, fraudulent, or illusory : genuine <realgold>also : being precisely what the name implies realprofessional>

I love the definition. But when I think about it...the only thing in life that I need to even come close to this expectation is in  my relationship with Christ....and to be even more's more like Christ's relationship with me. I find myself moving around all the time...trying but failing, trusting yet worrying, disciplined but fickle....relate??? Yet, he is unmovable, unshakable, stable, permanent, grounded, rooted. 

What a real faith I am able to experience because of HIS realness. Oh how blessed I am. 

Is there something REAL about Jesus that you're thankful for? Share it here...or with someone else today!

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