Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Word

I'm sitting here late on Saturday night just reviewing the notes for my ladies class tomorrow at church. The lesson was written on Monday and I've been chewing on it all week long. It's all about the Bible. I know...crazy, right? But how many times in one day do I basically just do my own thing without regard to what God has to say about it? Do I even know what His word says about the struggles I face, the decisions I need to make, the issues I deal with on a daily basis. 

What I've been reminded of this week is how stable, unchanging and completely reliable my God is. We can count on Him. The same words that were written thousands of years ago are still relevant and applicable to our lives now. The hard part is that I've got to be disciplined enough to get in the book and find out what it says about life, love and everything in between. It's not enough to own a Bible. You've got to open it up and read it!

So whether I'm struggling with parenting issues, friend issues, spousal issues, diet issues, health issues, money issues or anything else big or little or in between, God's got it covered. The principles found in His Word have 2011 written all over them. I just need to do my part and open the pages.

I'm tremendously grateful that we have a God who doesn't try to hide or tease us with His promises. They're all written down for us all to see....or at least those of us blessed enough with a copy of His Word....And might I add that there are many who don't have one...let alone one in their own language. Read about that situation HERE

So if you have a copy of the Bible, read it. Believe it. Test everything you say and hear against the standard of God's Word, trust it, live it, dive into it, memorize it and above all love it...for it is Jesus. He is the Word.

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