Monday, April 25, 2011

Surviving the Storms

Savannah despises storms. It's become an issue. And that's putting it lightly. As a eight year old it's perfectly normal for there to be a healthy fear of rain, thunder, lightning, wind and the occasional tornado that comes ripping through east Texas in April. But we are way beyond that. It's gotten so bad that we've sought the help of a kind lady who just also happens to be a Christian counselor. She's given Savannah a set of coping skills that is helping her get a little stronger and more courageous with each passing storm. It's actually spurred my own interest in developing a few coping skills for my own know...the more grown-up kind.

See, unlike Savannah I actually enjoy a good thunderstorm...even the occasional lightning doesn't bother fact as long as I am inside and nobody gets hurt everything can pretty much break loose and I'm alright. Why is that? Perhaps it's because I feel safe in my brick house. Maybe it's because my family is accounted for. Or is it because I have everything I need to survive a storm right here within the walls of my own home? Whatever the reason, I'm seeing lots of correlations to my spiritual life.

Why is it when we face a storm in our lives....AKA a disappointment, bad experience, sickness, job loss, difficult people, injustice or fill in the blank...that we don't handle things in pretty much the exact same way. In my own life I willingly admit that many times I look for the quickest escape route when it comes to trials, storms or uncomfortable situations. We don't like them (ok...I don't like...I won't pretend to speak for you). Instead of running to my house or my shelter (Jesus) I find myself dodging the raindrops, racing for a temporary shelter under a bridge or even worse just standing helpless in the rain waiting for someone in a boat to come pick me up. What a sight I must be!

God isn't some temporary shelter or some shotty umbrella that only opens halfway. He's a strong tower, a fortress, a refuge, sanctuary....why would I run anywhere else? Safe from this worlds attacks, Satan's destructive plan, my own ungodliness is a Savior God who is EVERYTHING we need during these storms. He's safe, dependable, durable, strong. He is our escape route. He is our protection. He is our plan of action. Not anyone or anything else. And you know what? Just like Savannah....with your set of run to Jesus coping'll get stronger with each passing storm!

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Keelie said...

So true. Thanks.