Monday, April 18, 2011

Why Teach?

Face it. I teach four year olds and most of my mornings with them consists of Crayola's and Stephen Fite songs, but every once in a while a moment takes my breath away. One such moment happened today.

We've been creating our own dozen resurrection eggs for the kids to take home their set and share with their parents. All last week we were busy filled the eggs and learned the resurrection story. Today we finished up with the last two days and when I got to the last day I gathered the students close and talked about the empty grave. I'm not really sure what happened, only that, in that brief moment, no one talked, every set of eyes was fixed on me and that for once this year 8 little children sat in amazement at the miracle story of the Resurrection of Jesus. Finding out the tomb was empty fascinated them.

I confess, as I watched them, a tear streamed down my face and I found myself choked up by their innocent excitement and maybe even more by the sacrifice HE made. Like a chef who has discovered a great recipe, they were giddy. They had finally discovered the hope and the reason for everything we had already talked about in the resurrection story...the bread, the garden, the crown of thorns, the dice, the darkness over the earth, the white burial cloth, the sponge of vinegar and more. These things had to happen in order for us to experience the greatest miracle of all times. Resurrection.

This is why I teach. It's not to impress anyone or get praise or get a paycheck or to teach a kid to read or write. Solely...100% it is to teach children about a God who keeps His promises. Is it my responsibility to do this....not solely, but it is my responsibility as a Christian to share the gospel with others. I'm so thankful that includes my class of energetic four year olds!

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