Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prayer Request

This is a picture of my brother, Andy and my sister-in-law, Jan. They'll be celebrating their sixth anniversary in just a few days. However, that celebration will be under the shadow of some medical issues that my sister in law is battling. Last week while suffering from a horrible migraine she went to the doctor seeking some relief. They did some blood work and found her iron level to be dangerously low, and after a few other tests determined she is bleeding somewhere. She's had a CT scan that came back clear. They started iron infusions on Wednesday and today during her 2nd infusion she had a horrible allergic reaction. Her primary Dr. had called earlier today to say that the urgent colonoscopy and endoscopy that needed to be done had been scheduled for SEPT. 5.....that's five weeks away.

So, after the horrible scare of today my brother and mother will be on the phone with drs. in the morning, trying to get things moving faster. Did I mention Andy and Jan have an 19 month old daughter? 

So you can imagine that our hearts and minds are heavy with the unknown. Thankfully Jan has a close relationship with the ultimate Healer. As a family we know God is in control. We're asking our friends to pray for peace for Andy and Jan and for all of us who love them....and yes, kinda selfishly, we'd like everything to be ok.

Will you pray?


F. Deaton said...

Praying for peace, comfort and healing from the Lord.

Kathy said...

I most certainly will pray, and will forward a link to your post on to some praying women I know of!

Gina said...

Thanks ladies!