Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Lesson in Contentment

There are a few things in life that I don't know if I will ever be content with.....

- my personal spiritual growth
- the amount of time I get to spend with family that lives far away
- the salvation of souls

There are just some things that will NEVER be enough.

But, for all those other areas in my life....I have a real choice as to whether or not I'm going to be content. If you've been keeping up here then you know I've been overhauling the house the last few days. One of the things that I am doing is only keeping the things that I truly LOVE. Things that have meaning, relevance ...things that work or have a function. Socks that have a mate, Gladware that has a lid, cloth napkins in sets of at least 4. You get the picture. And after lots of junk sorting and tossing, I'm pleased with the end results...well near end...I'm not done yet! The rooms that are clutter free and clean look beautiful...peaceful, inviting. They are ready to welcome family and guests. There is a contentment in knowing they are perfect...just the way they are.

I didn't need to go buy new stuff. It's amazing when you get rid of all the stuff you don't like, how much you like the stuff you have! It's a great lesson in contentment. I looked around my house yesterday afternoon...after cleaning the front room and the hall closet....and thought to myself....THIS is home...where I want to be...this is a special place....this is what GOD has given me. He's made something beautiful here...not with stuff but with the love and hospitality and encouragement that has been and will be shown in the future. It's a comfortable, welcoming spot on the journey of life. It's not fancy, or high dollar or even modern, but it's what HE gave us...and for me to be discontent, unthankful, and treat it with disrespect....even though to most it's just a's not OK....Because this is HIS. A Place where He has called us to invite others in, minister, feed the hungry of belly and soul and to somewhere along the way be sure our family and guests know how valued and precious they are in God's sight and ours. It's a huge responsibility.

Does this mean we stop dreaming...stop creating....stop looking for other ways to bless others....NO WAY!!! I will always dream of the day where we own a log cabin in the country...where there is enough sun on my property to plant a huge garden, where we own a few cows and a few chickens. I'll dream of the day where I'm closer to family and see them more often...and I'll pray for the day we see more people coming to Jesus. BUT, in matters of heart and home in the present....I'm content. I don't need more than what I have, I don't need better or more up-to-date. I'm good to use what I have to do the best at what God's called our family to do.....

Family Purpose Statement:

The Stinson family purpose is to glorify God by sharing His love through hospitality. We will carry out this purpose by willingly opening our home to family, friends and strangers as God directs. We will purposefully design an atmosphere cohesive to visiting, talking, playing games, eating, sharing, encouraging and relaxing. We will be willing to give of our time, money and energy to help people in need, both materially and emotionally and we will seek to follow the Lord's leading in providing resources that will enable their needs to be met. Most of all we we strive to honor God through serving with humility and grace, reflecting the gifts that He has given our family. 


Keelie said...

crying--really needed to read this today. Thank you, Gina. Love seeing how God is working all the way over there in SS and in your lives.

F. Deaton said...! Oh, and by opening up your home, I know that's Bruce's code for "I want to show off my mad Just Dance Skills to whomever will challenge me!" :)