Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Date with My Guy

I have two guys in my is 40 and the other is 5. I don't get to spend too much time alone with either one of them, so when the sil offered to take Savannah to the water park and Bruce was at work I decided Tucker-man and I would have a date. He's been eyeing Mr. Poppers Penguins and I figured we'd give it a try at the theater.

So we left in time to run a few non-date errands, grab an emergency bandaid at Walgreen's, get our tickets and our FIRST round of snacks. I purposely didn't feed him lunch, thinking it would be fun to splurge at the theater and get a big popcorn or nachos or something yummy like that. When I told him he could get whatever he wanted he looked at me like I had just given him $100. He picked nachos and I picked popcorn and we shared a drink....2 straws. We enjoyed the previews and the movie was super cute. But....halfway through he told me he NEEDED some chocolate....and of course I asked why he thought he needed chocolate after he had eaten his nachos and half of my popcorn and had consumed half a diet coke.....his reply.....I just need something sweet to wash the salty down now .....hmmm...wonder where he has heard that before???? So of course...I obliged.

We left the theater...hand in hand....and I took a mental picture (wishing I had taken a real one) of the two of us....knowing these days will not last forever when he wants to walk hand in hand with his mom, when he wants to share a coke, trade snacks and lean on my shoulder....Yes, he will always need me...but days like this are for the memory cherish and replay.... especially on the days when he's more prone to doing things like this.....

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