Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Here I am, having just spent the last 11 days cleaning every.single.inch. of my house. It's been ugly. I've asked myself these questions more than once-

- where did we get all this stuff?
- how did Tucker's sock end up in the pots and pans cabinet?
- why do we need 6 different types of conditioner?
- who put this here?
- what WAS this?
- what does this go to?

But....I'm emerging from my clutter and am happy to say that 8 big black trash bags full of stuff have made it to the curb, 4 bags of stuff are sitting in the van ready to make their way to Goodwill. Lots of clothes have been given new homes and my house....every inch....is clean!!!!!

Here's a peak into my closet...

This makes me happy.

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