Friday, July 22, 2011

Interest n Pinterest? the title of this blog post is a little corny....but who cares really?

I got a text from a friend today: "Are you ever going to blog again?" So here I am.

I feel it's the right time to tell you about my addictive personality. Not really, but since I've got your attention now I will tell you what's been keeping me away this week.

One word: Pinterest ....if you don't know what this is (like I didn't) now's the time to do a quick google search and read about it. Or, better yet, go sign up for an invitation on their site.

Pinterest is a social community where people can "pin" all their favorite things in one place. Say for instance you really like to bake brownies. You can pin all your favorite brownie recipes to one board, look for new ones and drool over pictures others have posted of their favorite ones.  Like cars? You can pin pictures of old cars, new cars, ugly cars, hot cars, fast cars...all in one place so when you want to see them, learn more about them, daydream about them, you don't have to go to 5,000 places on the internet. They will be waiting for you at Pinterest. Whatever you like, food, flowers, cars, books, clothes, purses, people, perfume, music. You'll find it.

I've been there this week. Looking for ideas for my classroom and along the way finding a few other things I like too. You can find me there...look me up...follow me your favorite some, dream a little, get your creative juices flowing.

It's kinda like shopping without spending money.

Go. Look. Now.

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Kathy said...

Blogging about not blogging. Is that legal??? : ) Um....I'm going to bypass "pinterest." That is, until I see some of your cool ideas for your classroom. Can't wait to see what you come up with!