Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ordinary Days

I don't blog much about my hubby....mainly because we don't really have that sort of gushy mushy relationship that some of you might like to read about. Not that that kind of relationship is's just not the kind we have. We have the sort of relationship that is based on a non-romantic that was comfortable and easy and it has pretty much stayed that way through the, except we added the romance of course! I guess what I'm saying is it didn't begin with roses and love songs, instead, it was Bible College, a singing group, a hot van traveling from church camp to church camp and two-way-too-young college kids who were best friends falling in love.....and that's when the romance finally happened. But for more than a year...we were best buds. I love our story.

Exit the corny blog post. (maybe)

I also don't blog much about Bruce's preaching. One, most of you might not be interested in a pastor's wife rehashing every point of her husband's case you missed one of the points, two, I don't think most of the readership is interested in hearing me brag on him. So....if I'm describing you, you should probably skip to another post right about now....but come back later in the week.....cause I love you and don't want to lose you!

I love to hear Bruce preach. I've watched God do an amazing transformation by growing him as a speaker and communicator and mostly as a man of God. I watch Bruce wrestle with topics and wording and how to be most effective when He speaks. I've watched him go away for prayer and Bible study when he didn't feel focused. I've gone to bed many nights when he's still at the office or laying in the living room floor on a Saturday night studying because the week has been busy and people have died and someone needed to spend time with him, and someone's kid was playing ball and wanted him to come watch and someone else needed to file a complaint and someone else wanted just a minute of his time....and he's never, ever, ever...really NEVER complained. I've witnessed him change a message at the very last minute when He felt God was taking him in another direction with the sermon, I've watched him squirm when He knew the topic of God's message through him was gonna make the enemy REALLY mad. I've watched Him speak with grace, administer healing words at a funeral, encourage a hurting parent, counsel a wayward teen.

He isn't perfect. In fact most of the time he will tell you that the things he preaches about are things that he struggles with and that God is teaching him so much through learning what God's Word has to say about the particular issue at hand. He will eventually let you down. He will over commit himself unintentionally, he will forget about an appointment, he will say something that hurts your fact, you should just count on it....because he is human....human.....very human.

But that very human man is a humble man who will at first realization of an offense apologize. He loves unity in the body of Christ but realizes that this is an area where the enemy likes to fight. He loves fellowshipping with other believers. He will stop what he's doing in a moment if you need him. That's just the kind of guy he is. He's a stellar dad who plays hide and go seek with his kids, knows the sprinkler dance move, plays wii and PlayStation ....but his favorite games are Pre-k level so he can play with our son, he takes his daughter out for dates, loves his parents and cherishes our life together.

He loves me....which is no small task. He's patient, kind, knows the way to my heart is through cleaning, putting away laundry and moo-linium crunch ice cream. He knows I would rather plant a rose bush that receive 12 long stems. He's paid for a hotel room in the town we live in just so I could have a night away...even if we didn't have the time to get away. He drives the entire way to GA to visit my mom. He is a good man....hard worker.....excellent provider and my heart and soul confidant. You won't see us goo goo eyed in public or facebook.... in fact, you're more apt to see us holding hands, joking, playing with our kids, but I know what we have is everlasting. I know because we live it everyday....we do life together.  I cherish these days of raising kids and ministry....these ordinary days that make our life so beautiful.

Tonight's message at church reminded me of the wonderful, fun, godly man God chose for me. I do love him... and all his goofiness and lame jokes and bad music choices (IMHO). I'm thankful God gave me Bruce. I'm thankful I get to grow old with someone who I really enjoy being with. I'm blessed. Thank you Lord. 

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