Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's Really Important

Tomorrow is the last official day of school...then Friday Morning there is graduation. It's been a busy year for my class. We've learned about ABC's and 123's and colors and shapes and phonics. We've learned about vegetables, pilgrims, patterns and weather. But, all of that is second to the really important things that I hope these kids came away with. 

My prayer is that when they look back at this year that they'll remember these lessons:

1. Jesus loves them. If they know that, then my job is done.

2. Be kind to others. It's not enough to just be kind when someone is nice to you. If they can remember to treat people with kindness...even someone who doesn't deserve it then they will have learned a valuable lesson for life.

3. Say I'm sorry. When you do wrong, on purpose or on accident, say "I'm sorry" and then get on with life. If you take a toy, interrupt, cut in line, push, bump into someone, or call them a the right thing and apologize. Don't let things build'll get angry.

4. Forgive...when someone hurts you, or your feelings, forgive and move on. 

5. Share....your crayons, your glue, your toys, your books, your colors. 

6. A hug makes things better. It's a bandaid for your heart. And we all know preschoolers love bandaids.

7. Be a helper. If someone is struggling give them a little help. One day they will return the favor.

8. Do your best. Whatever that is. Your only competition is yourself.

9. Work together as a team. 

10. Try try again. Don't give up just because you don't get something the first time. Keep trying...and then try again. 

Come to think of it, I hope these are lessons I have learned this year! What an amazing time we've had.
This truly was a year of life change for me and my little class. What a wonderful group of lives God allowed me to be with each day.  

- Thank you Lord, for these unspeakable gifts.

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