Saturday, May 7, 2011

Me, Myself...the Mom

Besides being a wife, motherhood is the greatest joy and responsibility God has given me. After a recent in depth study I was reminded that it was designed to be a blessing from God. These precious children were given to me to remind me of God's blessing, His magnificent work of creation...the actually knitting together of their beings. It's truly amazing. And after 10 years of thinking I would never be a mom, to now be able to experience it....the word "blessing" hardly explains it.

A few things I have learned (so far) from being a mom:

1. I should have invested financially and heavily in Band aid, Baby wipes, String Cheese and Gogurt.

2. When one of my kids tells me they need to go to the bathroom, they mean NOW.

3. There are just some messes that a household cleaner has not been discovered for yet. This would include vomit with any type of cheese product contained in it.

4. Sometimes my kids teach me about forgiveness and friendship and how a hug really does make most things better.

5. My words have no more power now than before...the only difference is that the ears that are listening matter more to me.

6. They are watching...all the time...they hear when you don't think they are listening and they watch when you don't think they are looking. Not to self..What do I want them to see and hear?

7. If I can't say it in front of them, I need to think twice about what I am saying...and proceed with caution.

8. Their idea of a great Mother's Day present includes something for a Scooby Doo movie or Open Season 2 (these were Tucker's suggestions for things I should think about asking for)

9. God expects me to do what I can to share Jesus with them....but in the's all about them hearing His voice and His plan. I just get to watch and see it all unfold. I'm glad it's not all up to me.

10. Their smiles and love can change a day from excruciatingly painful to delightfully pleasurable.

My list could go on and on with a steady stream of funny and serious things they remind me of everyday. But, the bottom line is that I am blessed. These days of Handy Manny and LalaLoopsy and Sidewalk Chalk won't last forever. I'm cherishing each one. Grasping at these moments hoping they will stay just a little longer so I can drink them in like a tall glad of lemonade. There will be time for my "to do" lists later....for now I am going to be this one moment God has given us.

Thank you God for these immeasurable gifts!

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Anonymous said...

lol i like the mother day present thing.