Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Artwork

Each student in my preschool class made one of these paintings for their mom for Mother's Day. They turned out super cute!

Here's how you do it:


canvas mats (found mine at Walmart near the acrylic paints)
green acrylic paint
blue acrylic paint
white acrylic paint
brown acrylic paint
pink acrylic paint
stencil paint brushes


1. Place your canvas mat vertically and draw a light pencil line slightly below the halfway point on the board. This will be the dividing line between your sky and grass.

2. Take a small amount of green paint and dab you stencil brush in it. Using an up and down motion stomp off some of the excess. Then begin pouncing the green paint in the up and down motion below the pencil line. This creates an illusion of texture.

3. Repeat the same directions as #2 but using blue paint for the sky. Allow to dry completely

4. Take child's arm paint fingers, palm and halfway if the arm with brown paint. Place arm down on canvas where the brown on the arm is placed at or below the halfway point of the green. Any further up and the fingers will be off the canvass. This creates the tree and branches. Allow to dry completely.

5. Place pink paint and white paint on paper plate. Then mix a little white and pink together to make three separate colors...(pink, light pink and white). Take a small stencil brush and using same up and down motion as before pounce on each finger (branch) and cover palm. This will give the illusion of cherry blossoms. You might also like to paint some on the grass to look like they have fallen from the tree. All to dry.

The kids loved seeing how great their work turned out. They did an awesome job being patient (it took us a week to complete all the steps).

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